Album-Review: Project Pitchfork – Blood

There are quite a few electronic music albums coming out this autumn, and one you definitely don’t want to miss is Project Pitchfork “Blood”.

This time Project Pitchfork pulls off its usual high quality skills and endless creativity to make it come together. It can be too dark when it needs to be but that’s the reason you listen Project Pitchfork! The light and the darkness existing side by side, the melody and the lyrics play in the shadows creating a tight, moody, and slightly odd mood. Mister Spilles, as always, creates in a style where you are never sure if he is just telling a story, or reporting the truth of what really happened. . .

The way Project Pitchfork has taken the simplicities of every day life and crafted them into a whole new complex philosophy always amazes me. In this album Project Pitchfork covers usual topics including death and life, humanity and its greeds, but still there are a couple fo tracks those surprises with their sweet, magical melody that explores the fine line between imagination and reality. Project Pitchfork managed not only to bring inspiring and catchy melodies to life, send their message across, but also to make statements about things that have been told before (and so many time just ignored!), and present them in a way which makes one to hear them again in a completely new light and gives a fresh perspective.
The “Blood” is an album that unfolds is reminiscent of their previous works including “Black” in a way that you know – it’s PROJECT PITCHFORK – and still manages to amaze. Project Pitchfork especially excels in this album in taking listeners inside the mind of their own, creating a truly identifiable mood for them to experience through deep beats. It just pulls you in, you can’t stop listening and even when it finishes it leaves you wanting more…

1. Blood-Line (Never)
2. Blood-Loss (Sometimes)
3. Blood-Stained (Give Me Your Body)
4. Blood-Money (No More)
5. Blood-Moon (Romance)
6. Blood-Diamond (See Him Running)
7. Blood-Pressure (Just For My Pleasure)
8. Blood-Shed (Dark River)
9. Blood-Game (For You)
10. Blood-Lust (Mental Island)
11. Blood-Stream (Will I Be)

1. Blood-Night
2. Blood-Thirst
3. Blood-Stained (RMX)
4. Blood-Money (RMX)
5. Blood-Line (RMX)

Review by Milda Bandzaitė