Album-Review: Skinny Puppy – Weapon

The new album “Weapon” of a legendary electronic music band Skinny Puppy will be on sale on May 28.
My first thought when listening to the new Skinny Puppy album was: Skinny Puppy is back! The Skinny Puppy which I know and love. This is not that strange electronic sounds, that I had to “enjoy” listening to their recent albums anymore. Although it is not exactly the same music Skinny Puppy created 20 years ago, but it is something very very similar and it could not be mixed with other music. This is really Skinny Puppy. And that can already let You fall in a trance.

The first album tracks are strong and very promising. Perhaps because its completion is very simple, but with such a feeling! Perhaps because the sound cries: this is SKINNY PUPPY! Unfortunately (or fortunately), in the middle of the album a few songs are not SO special. Of course, they are clean and technically very well done, but the qualified performance of music does not always mean special and unforgettable song. And here’s a good music, ideas fulfilled. . . however, compared to the first three songs, others are lack of something that causes the ecstasy with its sounds, thoughts and feelings inside. Although the songs like wornin‘, illisiT, saLvo, and even paragUn magnetizes and makes You live in that several minutes-long song telling the story. And even after all the 10 songs are finished You can still feel the remains of the endless ecstasy and the fight in the air.

I would like to give an extra word about works saLvo and paraGun. ParaGun stands out of the other songs from this disc for its unusual rhythm that turns from a pure electronic industrial sounds into the side of rock. This transformation is like a spicy flavor for the whole album providing a distinctive tastiness which can be enjoyed listening to the song 42 times non-stop. This song reflects the sort of album artwork – a huge sci-fi spider traveling in our minds and personifying powerful, rough and deep sounds of paraGun. Meanwhile saLvo hypnotises by its clear sounds of electronic, simplicity and a clear direction. Soul is being filled with blissful chill, but resolute and flinty. Pure electronic, which can be heard in the background with pain distorted voice, as if complaining and the same time leaving everything behind. This song is like enchant poisonous sounds forcing You to live in it.

Every piece of art conceals the idea in itself; poor or valuable, leaving us a lot to think about or in the deep fog. But it is always here; sometimes obscure, sometimes unpurified. So, to create something without the idea (even the slightest one) is practically impossible. Skinny Puppy has always criticized vices of the society and encouraged critical thinking. They continue that tendency becoming the tradition in their new pieces and speak about environmental problems as well as about political themes. The dominant theme is guns as Ogre says: “Weapons and pharmaceuticals become the last bastion of investment wealth, the last stop for manufacturing in a crumbling power system still promoting mutual assured destruction. To maim, sicken and control, by genetically radiating and bombing populations back to the Stone Age; then manage the mutations through new medicines while claiming the race for a cure of this self – inflicted environmental disease is right around the corner… Weapons then procure the evolutionary next step. We are weapons.” I dare to say that the music of Skinny Puppy is even more powerful weapon that makes to think and perhaps helps someone to open their eyes.

Skinny Puppy “Weapon
Metropolis Records
Release date: 28th May, 2013
1. wornin’
2. illisiT 
3. saLvo   
4. gLowbeL
5. solvent
6.  paragUn
7. survivalisto
8. tsudanama
9. plasiCage
10. terminal

I believe that this is one of the best electronic music albums in the recent years.

Review by Milda Bandzaité