Festival Review: Dark Munich Festival 2014

The Dark Music Festival has already become a wonderful tradition in south Germany, but this year it was slightly different than before. Instead of celebrating the beauty of dark music only on Saturday, it expanded into much bigger event and occupied three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On the first day the third Dark Munich Festival featured such strange sounding bands as Digitalis Purpurea and Helen Was Here that was easy and melodic as anything.

And then there was Nosferatu. Oh, that magical voice! The voice that opens doors to secret rooms You even did not know existed. The voice that makes You to forget. The voice that hypnotizes. . . Nosferatu is a wonderful thing. It’s much more than simply a music band. The music of Nosferatu appears to tell the truth, to reflect the life back to You. But at the same time it leaves a feeling that there is more to tell, more to understand. And their music becomes a magical statement; it can show You anything You could imagine and even something You couldn’t. . . Although I’ve never heard Nosferatu before, during their show in Munich I had the feeling that I’m going to die, simply sank into THAT VOICE. So, all the pain and everything simply would go away, just because their music was so fucking awesome!

After seeing Absolute Body Control’s performance at the festival, no one could have any doubts about the origins of it’s name. Dirk Ivens is an artist who understands the power of sounds. His music simply controls all movements. The act of listening isn’t just there to receive the the information or fulfil a need to connect with the world, it’s actually lets to refresh Your emotions, minds and instincts. Maybe the show of Absolute Body Control wasn’t life changing experience, but it literally moved lots of people. Lots. And that’s what we are searching for in the music, something that can lift You a little, something that can make You to think, something that just drives You – like Absolute Body Control does! . .

The highlight of the day (or more likely of the whole festival) was Alien Sex Fiend. Their special midnight show supposed to start at 00:00, but was delayed for more than one hour. We were waiting and waiting and waiting. till finally all decorations were prepared, technical difficulties have been solved and mister Nik Fiend appeared on the stage. And what I can say: Alien Sex Fiend never disappoints. Their show was something more than magic. All the props and deep sounds brought us to the old school creepy fairytale world. If You like to imagine and escape to alternative realities, Alien Sex Field could provide this escapism to You. Their passion and pure strange sounds are something that can simply transfer You to a different world. A world full of delicious quirkiness. A world of amazing music. . . The first day finished in euphoria, and the second one was SO electric!

Sarcastic Patenbrigade: Wolff brought us a pure joy of the working class. The stage was transformed into the building place that reminded more of a playground for adults who have resisted the pull on monotony. Oh, they really had lots of fun, so did the audience! And legendary Tyske Ludder is a perfect example of artists who have taken it upon themselves to share ideas that on one hand could be seen as radical, but on the other are reflecting to the shameful reality and picturing the obvious. The show was full of militant energy, but as well there was something else. Their songs were dark with thrills and everything, but they seemed to get straight to the hearts.

Another band that has left unforgettable impression was C-Lekktor. It would be fair to say that it does not present electronic music in the most ordinary way. That was some kind of performance that runs through your body and makes you to shiver. . . I’d like to think about Noisuf-X as some kind of a virus. Every time You hear them, the music affects You differently. Each of their sounds is like a frozen mind in the time and space. And their performance at DMF was not an exception. After every song the sounds became disturbingly different than I ever remembered them being before.

Diorama‘s show was excellent like always. I loved the fact that their music is not just stories; they also kind of introduction to Your inert world. The second day finished with deep sounds of Apoptygma Berzerk. And the third day greeted us with rain.

The background of many Winterspring‘s songs might have seemed familiar, but the spin they put them was entirely new. If reality seemed a little too mundane and You wanted to recreate the excitement You had as child, Heldmaschine was here to help You! Just a few moments hearing their electronic sounds – and the world started moving like a clockwork. Each person moved like a small marionette controlled by a puppet master. Each person pursued energy together with the band. The music caused such strong physiological reactions!

Do You think the audience minded the rain during the performance of Orange Sector? No way! Bodies were moving in the rain, it was such a pleasure to see other people moving in the same rhythm around You. The music took all of us somewhere we’ve never been. And that’s what I really do appreciate. Energy. Passion. And that sharp pinch of something special that sucks You in. And Orange Sector had it all right from the beginning! Steinkind’s dedication and Das Ich’s energy was wonderful. Also I was really looking forward to Mono Inc., but this time it wasn’t something special. The music was OK, the performance was all-right, they had some pyrotechnic show and that was fine. But fine is not something we are looking forward. FRONT 242 closed the festival with their energetic and clear electronic sounds. It was very positive experience and there were lots of moving hands and bodies.

Put it simply the festival was unforgeable, the main focus was MUSIC, on the other hand, there is always some place for improvement, but let’s wait and see what next year is going to bring.

Review & pictures by Milda Bandzaitė
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