Interview mit SPARK!

The team of Opus Ultimum had a chance to speak with Mattias Ziessow from SPARK! (Swedish old school EBM act). Enjoy!

OpusUltimum: Hello Mattias, could You, please, introduce SPARK! to our readers and tell how did You come up with the idea to create EBM band?
Mattias Ziessow: Hello Milda. Me and Stefan goes a long way back as friends and has always been producing music in various different forms and wanted to make something together.
OpusUltimum: SPARK! is known for songs in Swedish language, why did You choose that? Were You not afraid that international scene would not accept that?
Mattias: We wanted to not only break the typical barriers within EBM, but also to try singing in our native language to get even more personal.
OpusUltimum: Would You say You are more of a live band or a studio band? Which part of the work do You enjoy more?
Mattias:Definetely live. We love playing and form a tight commitment to the audience/fans.
OpusUltimum: Not to mention that art should have an effect, should transfer something. Do You think art’s purpose is simply to provide a platform for an artist’s expression? What do you hope Your audience takes away from Your music? What statement do You hope to make?
Mattias: As mentioned earlier, we wanted to make something of our own. To widen the width in EBM-music. More melodies. Strong lyrics. Not only steal, hammers, and work. The lyrics are very deep. And we have noticed that our fans in Sweden loves us coz they can relate in a great way.
OpusUltimum: Talking about music scene, what tendencies do You see at the moment? Does the art still play a big role in people’s lives and make them to think or is it used more as a tool to relax without deeper feeling and thinking?
Mattias: I guess everything you mentioned morphs together as just that. Music is for me not just only music. It is like feeding my brain with impressions. And depending on my mood, I listen/compose music that strengthen my thoughts and feelings.
OpusUltimum:Tell us more about Your creativity process, does music or lyrics come first? Do You separate that process or does it work closely together?
Mattias: We work in a quite astonishing way actually. I make the music. The whole song is ready when Stefan gets the material. From there he writes the lyrics, and creates the song. We live separated and our last album we made with me living in Sweden and Stefan in England. Well nothing special or earthbraking about that. Except we have never rehearsed or tried out stuff like ordinary bands seem to work. This is a great example of the level me and Stefan has in our excellent level of understanding, respect, and friendship.
OpusUltimum: Were You involved in any other musical projects or bands before SPARK!?
Mattias: Oh yes. We have both been making music for over 20 years each.
OpusUltimum:How do you separate Your everyday life from Your work?
Mattias: You try. But I’m musicidamaged and can’t listen to music in a relaxing way, really. I always analyze, splits the music into parts, analyze more, counts, listen to changes and notes, beats, sounds, and are just to nervous =)
OpusUltimum:You speak about the freedom in Your songs, what is freedom for You?
Mattias: Freedom for me is to not feel suffocated by authorities, our political system, our economical system. And that you only live once. Make sure you get the best years out of your life.
OpusUltimum: How do You see animal rights movement and controversial statement that animals have the right to the freedom as well?
Mattias: Nothing makes me so sad but seeing animals get abused in some way. Nothing makes me cry but this. I am extremely sensitive to this and it can really make me feel awful. I’m supporting the animal rights movement 100%.
OpusUltimum: SPARK is involved in the campaign to free the hippo from German circus Krone (Editor‘s Note: to find out more about the campaign, please, visit:, what is Your opinion about animals in circuses in principle? 
Mattias: I hate circuses in any kind of way. In my opinion, circuses should be forbidden, banned, illegal, and wiped out of earth. Well, feel free to keep your circus, IF you leave the animals out of it! Then it’s ok. I guess. I have never in my life visited a circus. And I never will.
OpusUltimum: Are You also involved in other environment or political issues?
Mattias: No, just animal organisations.
OpusUltimum: What surprises is SPARK! planning to bring to the universe this year?
Mattias: We are planning to put together a massive album compilation with really awesome bands. And all profit goes to animal protection, rescuing, health, and freedom. And of course our new album… ;) We would like to thank Mattias again for his time and responses to the interview, and to the team of SPARK! for the wonderful music they create. 

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Interview and photo by Milda Bandzaité