Live-Review: Project Pitchfork in Klaffenbach

Finally, the long awaited moment came – I was standing in Klaffenbach, in front of the building number 6, that already made me very excited and waiting for a legendary Project Pitchfork open air like many other people. A little bit after 5:00 p.m., we finally got in. The location of Wasserschloss Klaffenbach is simply fabulous. The renaissance building complex creates a VERY special feeling and it already puts a lot of pressure on the incoming show. Can Project Pitchfork satisfy our hopes?

The support band was Steinkind. Their performance was okay. Sounds were strong and clear, while songs of the second part of the show were quite similar, it was possible to feel a bit of boredom around, but the overall performance made a fairly good impression.

Project Pitchfork show was melodic, powerful and in its own way even a little bit savage. Impressive as an architectural marvel, but not with its sophistication or innovation, but simply with immovable majesty, which is soaked into every piece, each song, which became a part of their identity. Here, even the darkness that was walking along behind assumed some kind of inexplicable grandeur.

On the other hand the show in Klaffenbach was quite typical performance of Pitchfork (at this point: really professional and full of passion): completed with faster tempo songs, as well as with slower rhythm emotional tracks. Although, in some cases I felt that three drummers (who created an awesome atmosphere and really powerful background sounds) did not give everything they could have. Anyway, musicians showed that they know how to play, but the technique was never built in the first place. Opposite: they were focused on creativity and overall mood that I loved!

Another amazing thing was the rain. In the end of the concert it started raining, almost no one got scared of it, even more – the rain brought a new and fresh feeling. The mass of people moving by the sounds of Pitchfork, and the rain washing everything away. This view could hypnotize a lot of people and give an unbelievable pleasure.

Couple of times asked for the bis by audience, Pitchfork proved that every single show is unique and they give their best to the audience. It does not matter how many people will be attending, You won‘t regret, because their energy and commitment simply buys.

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And we definitely encourage You: don’t miss Your chance to see them live.

Review & picture by Milda Bandzaitė