Live Review: The Ligaments in London

The Thursday night at Power Lunches started with Craig Temple’s performance. It was quite interesting and Craig Temple did a wonderful job of combining the deepness of his voice with the rich guitar sounds, however the performance was lacking something special.

Next band on the stage ¡Ay, Carmela! showed that they know what they were doing. They understand that music (or even the Music) isn’t just waves in your mind or chills on your skin. No, their music was a reflection of reality, emotions and something others would have called the truth. The performance wasn’t just an alternate reality to hide, but rather the reality through the lens of endless imagination of the artist, and possibly some mind altering substances. Short as they were, songs of ¡Ay, Carmela! still easily created a surreal, strange, but positive atmosphere that inspired the audience and left them wanting for more…

The set from The Ligaments, intended to charm and disturb (in a very pleasant way), which overall worked very well. Even for me – someone who much prefers synthesizers to guitars. Not only did Ligaments captured the essence of the evening perfectly, but they did it so with the magical sounds and even harder drum beats. Can’t say I loved every bit of the show, some parts were quite unsettling or too hard going, but despite that it was really good. The Ligaments did an excellent job of bringing their imagination down to earth. Like a secret whispered in the shadows by a trusted friend, it got inside and stayed. And a lot of the success came not only from the music itself, but from the gorgeous way the entire show was performed.

If you live in London don’t miss your chance to see ¡Ay, Carmela! or the Ligaments live!
¡Ay, Carmela!: 6th March at The Montague Arms (London)
get some of their music:

The Ligaments: 12th April at The Unicorn Camden Live (London)
order their EP Eat Pizza here:

Review and picture by Milda Bandzaitė
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