Review: Santa Hates You! – It’s Alive

Santa Hates You – It’s Alive

Jinxy and PS are worldwide known superheroes and they are coming back again to save the world from all evildoers with one of the most powerful guns in this planet – MUSIC. So, this time we are proud to present the new CD of Santa Hates You – “It’s ALIVE”.

The lyrics cover the usual subjects: freedom, self-reliance, sexism, homophobia, rebellion, etc. . . Like always they are full of allegories and mythological motives. Humor was often part of Santa Hates You art – alongside joy, lust, frenzy, and glorious craziness. And so it is here.
This album’s dramatic introduction track, “In the Laboratory“ gives listeners an opportunity to use their imagination and causes many questions. Answers to them listeners only can hope to find in the near future. You almost can feel the rain on Your hands, little shivers are walking through Your skin. . . This little introduction shows You the way to horror movies and dark tales. The story starts with the most important question: Who is Alive? The opening song “Independence” is a melodious declaration of the freedom. It has the old feeling of protest and uplift. Some people would call “Scum” a climax, but even if it’s so great we do not dare to compare it to the art of Greek. We are saying it’s just freaking awesome dynamitic electro soul! Combination of great lyrics and fabulous sounds creates the powerful mood and kills all the devils. “How to create the Monster” is full of interesting rhythmic and melodic ideas. The story behind lyrics makes listeners to rethink their apotheosis, believes and why they are here for. It all together lets the melody and sentiments to do their work.
Jinxy does not just sing ‘Rise‘. She roars it, sometimes gobbling the sounds like a hungry panther, sometimes chirruping like a mellifluous nightingale. The song is peppered with revealing melodies and gives the opportunity to hear the difference of one human’s voice. Bravo! And do not forget: they do not have any captivated animals.
“Are You Scared?“ and “Fight Truth decay” both are quiet ambitious, with purling electro beats that creates sci-fi theme. A couple of more breezy songs breaks up the album’s affective heaviness towards the end. “Slightly Dead” touches the question of death. Here Santa Hates You has a fling at the Grim Reaper. Hilariously about serious things – that’s really Santa Hates You! “Skeletal Paradise” as well as “Slightly Dead” is more lyrical joyful dream. And the most telling moment on the album is ‘It’s alive’. Finally it reveals the secret. The emotional alacrity energizes their instrumental utterance and metaphors; sometimes it even sounds like they are burning a reflex of remorse. Joyful sounds just rant and rave: everything is over – let’s have a party. It’s hard not to hope that Santa Hates You never learns to sit still. Their energy and the idea of saving the world it’s that what many people need – a hope for a better future.

Review by Milda Bandzaitė